Stability analysis in maize ( Zea mays L.)

  • S. N. PATIL, Mr.
  • M.V. Duppe and R.M. Bachkar


Thirteen maize genotypes were assessed for their stability under different environments for eleven characters. G x E interaction was linear in nature for days to 50% of flowering, Days to 50% of silking, days to maturity, Ear girth (cm), The number of grains per row per ear, fodder yield per plant and grain yield per plant. None of the genotypes exhibited average stability for all characters. However, the hybrids LMH12004, LMH12008, LMH12009 and LMH12010 recorded average stability for grain yield per plant. The hybrids LMH12002 and LMH12006 recorded below the average stability and adaptabilities to the favourable environment for grain yield per plant.


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