Line × tester analysis for yield and quality characters in Natu tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L)

  • Y. Bharathi , S. Jaffarbasha and J. Manjunath Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University


Seven female lines were crossed with three males in a line × tester design. The resulting 21 hybrids along with 10 parents were evaluated for the combining ability and gene effects during 2012 Kharif season. The results revealed that there were significant differences among genotypes (parents and crosses) for yield and its component traits. The combining ability variance and the ratio of GCA to total genetic variance showed predominance of non-additive gene action for all the characters except plant height and days to maturity. The lines, Natu nunepalli and Viswanadha were found to possess significantly high GCA effects for yield and its component traits while the crosses Viswanadha x II1872 and Natu (DWFC) x II-1871 exhibited significant desired SCA effects for first grade leaf yield and spangle score, respectively. From this study it was found that the parents Natu nunepalli and Viswanadha could be used for diallel selective mating for fostering greater recombination, especially in the yield traits. The results suggested that adoption of reciprocal recurrent selection would be the best method for improving the yield potential in natu tobacco. 


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