Per se performance of monoecious cucumber land races

  • S. Praneetha, V. Rajashree and D. Nagarajan TNAU


A study was conducted in the Department of Vegetable Science, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore to assess the performance of 39 monoecious cucumber land races. Number of primary branches were more in the local type Vennamuthupatti local (7.33) and the number of male flowers per plant was minimum in Amaravathi local (38.33). The maximum number of female flowers per plant was recorded in Periyakullappatti local (33.67). Number of fruits per plant was highest in Sankagiri local(11.20). Fruit length ranged from 12.62cm (Musiri local) to 54.83cm (Amaravati local). The fruit girth was lowest in Upilipalayam local (13.2 cm) which produced a slender fruit. Musiri local recorded a high fruit weight (1.65 kg). The maximum yield of 14.77kg/ plant was registered in Sathur local.

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S. Praneetha, V. Rajashree and D. Nagarajan, TNAU

Professor and Head Faculty of Horticulture

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