Evaluation of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) based on correlation and path analysis

  • A. Disowja, C. Parameswari, R. P. Gnanamalar and S. Vellaikumar Tamil Nadu Agricultural University


In this study, four lines and six testers of sesame were subjected to crossing in a line × tester mating design, during summer, 2019 and 24 hybrids were developed. All 24 F1 hybrids along with ten parents were raised in a RBD and evaluated. Biometrical data was taken for ten traits viz., days to attain fifty percent flowering, height to formation of the first capsule, height of the plant, the number of primary branches, capsules per plant, the number of capsules on the main stem, length of the capsule, days to attain maturity, thousand seed weight and yield per plant. ANOVA revealed that there existed a quite good significant difference for all the biometrical characters, among the lines, testers and hybrids indicating sufficient variability, which can be further utilized for genetic enhancement of the genotypes. Correlation analysis was used to understand the association between yield attributing characters and with yield. Correlation studies revealed that yield/plant expressed positive and significant correlation with height to formation of first capsule, height of the plant, capsules/plant and weight of thousand seed weight. Capsules/plant registered highly positive and significant genotypic and phenotypic correlation with yield/plant. Days to attain maturity exhibited a negative association with yield/plant. Path analysis was determined to understand the true relationship of yield attributing components among themselves and with the yield. Maximum direct effect on yield was contributed by capsules/plant followed by weight of 1000 seeds and length of capsule. Hence, the selection of genotypes based on capsules/plant, length of the capsule, weight of 1000 seeds will be quite effective in aiding yield improvement in further generations.

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