A novel high yielding dual-purpose sorghum variety GDJ 1(Banas Surya) for semi-arid region of Gujarat

  • R. A. Gami, R. N. Patel, P. R. Patel and S. K. Jain


The new sorghum variety GDJ 1 (Banas Surya) breed through pedigree selection method from the cross between SPV 2113 × GFS 5 at Sorghum Research Station, Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University, Deesa, Gujarat. The variety GDJ 1 was tested in a preliminary evaluation trial (PET) in kharif 2016. It was found promising and further it was tested in state multilocation trials from kharif 2017 to 2019. It was also tested under the AICRP-sorghum IVT trial in kharif 2018 as SPV 2565 at fifteen locations (Zone-I, II and III) across the nation. The sorghum variety GDJ 1 was tested under a total of 20 state trials against various check varieties viz., CSV 20, GJ 39, GJ 42, GDJ 1 and GJ 43. The mean performance of GDJ 1 for grain yield over 21 locations, including the preliminary trial was 2506 kg/ha. In the case of dry fodder yield, the mean performance over 22 location, including the preliminary trial was 167.0 q/ha. In North Gujarat, based on seven testing trials GDJ 1 exhibited high grain yield (2576 kg/ha) with an increment of 50.0, 50.7 19.6, 21.5 and 41.8 per cent, respectively and dry fodder (228.7 q/ha) with an increment of 49.8, 52.3, 10.9, 49.6 and 34.2 per cent over the years and locations against checks GJ 39, GJ 42, GJ 43, GNJ 1 and CSV 20, respectively. It matures within 100-105 days, tall in nature, very long and broad leaves, the long symmetric semi-loose panicle have a medium neck with long branches and medium glume length. The grain is medium bold and yellow-white. From the quality point of view the released variety have a fair amount of protein in grain (10.1%) and dry fodder (9.20%) and low tannin (0.215 mg/g) in grain indicated the good quality of grain and dry fodder. It is moderately resistant to diseases like leaf blight, anthracnose, grain mold, ergot and lower infestation of shoot fly and stem borer.

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S. K. Jain, R. A. G. R. N. P. (2021). A novel high yielding dual-purpose sorghum variety GDJ 1(Banas Surya) for semi-arid region of Gujarat. Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding, 12(1), 109-121. Retrieved from https://ejplantbreeding.org/index.php/EJPB/article/view/3663
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