Evaluation of promising commercial sugarcane genotypes for stability by AMMI analysis

  • S. Sheelamary and S. Karthigeyan Sugarcane Breeding Institute,Coimbatore


The choice and recommendation of a variety for commercial cultivation are influenced by genotype x environment interaction (GEI)). The complication of genotype by environment interaction (GEI) is that usually involves layout of trials in various seasons, making it difficult to identify the genotype adapted to different environments. Twenty sugarcane clones and four standard checks were evaluated under three environments within the tropical climate. Additive Main Effects and Multiplicative Interaction (AMMI) model was applied to assess the extent of genotype x environment (GE) interaction and also the stability of sugarcane clones across the environments. The significant difference was observed by AMMI analysis among the tested clones and environments. The sum of the first two principal components conferred to 63.6 per cent of the total of G x E interaction. In the present study, the genotypes G24 (Co 88025), G23 (CoV 94101) and G20 (Co 16001) recorded in high mean yield and higher Principal Component Analysis (PCA) scores; hence, these materials specifically suited to the favorable locations. Since the genotypes Co 15021(G19), Co 0240 (G3), and Co 13001(G7) were near the center point of the axes and hence were influenced by the environment. These clones recorded higher cane yield and stability and suitable for cultivation in different environments. The utilization of the AMMI model made it easy for the visual comparison and identification of exceedingly superior genotypes for every set of environments.

Key words
Saccharum spp., AMMI biplot, adaptability, AMMI stability value

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