Genetic divergence in brinjal genotypes for growth and yield parameters

  • D. Anbarasi and K. Haripriya


Field investigations were carried out during 2019 and 2020 to study the genetic diversity among 112 brinjal genotypes. Mahalanobis’s D2 analysis was done for ten growth and nine yield attributing characters. All 112 genotypes were grouped into seven clusters. Cluster IV (23.975) registered the highest intra cluster distance, whereas cluster II (5.683) recorded the lowest cluster distance. The maximum inter cluster distance was observed for clusters I and IV (24.912). Minimum inter cluster distance was registered between clusters II and III (10.431). Fruit yield per plant, fruit girth and the number of seeds per fruit retained the highest contribution in order towards total divergence. Cluster IV registered the maximum mean for average fruit yield per plant (1647.37). Therefore, the selection of parents from the diverse clusters would yield good segregants for the improvement of yield in brinjal.

Key words: Brinjal, Genetic diversity, D 2 analysis, intra cluster distance, inter cluster distance.

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