Variability in Solanum species: Morphological characterization

DOI: 10.37992/2022.1301.021

  • Neeraja Puthiamadom and,
  • Jiji Joseph


Twenty seven accessions of Solanum belonging to six different species were morphologically characterized using IPGRI descriptor. The wild types could be easily distinguished from the cultivated types based on fruit size and shape. S. viarum was characterized by mottled light green fruits with white stripes which are small sized and globular in shape. Fruits of S. exarmatum (JJK/16-1) were globular, short, dark green in colour with rounded apex that turned scarlet red at physiological maturity. The accessions JRPH 15/176 and 15/111 of S. aethiopicum were characterized by green globular fruits which turned scarlet red on maturity. JJNS 15/21 belonging to S. insanum were characterized by obovate fruits which were dark green with white stripes. The accessions JP13/74, JP13/70, JRPH 15/108, JRPH 15/41 and JRPH 15/21 belonging to S. incanum were characterized by ovoid, dark green fruits with white stripes. Small, round, dark green fruits with white nets were observed in S. indicum. A wide variability was observed in S. melongena accessions for fruit characters. Cluster analysis grouped the accessions into eleven clusters at 70 per cent similarity. S. melongena accessions that bear large fruits and are free from prickles can be selected for heterosis breeding.

Keywords: Solanum, morphological traits, variability

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