Molecular characterization of traditional mango germplasm of coastal Andhra Pradesh using RAPD markers

  • A. Himabindu and M. Rajasekhar


A study was conducted at Horticultural research station, Venkataramannagudem for evaluating the variability of mango germplasm to conserve the elite ones and to identify the superior genotypes using molecular markers for future crop improvement. Genetic variation and relationship among 34 traditional mango germplasm were analyzed using Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers. Fifteen out of the twenty primers screened were informative and 177 amplified DNA bands with sizes ranging from 100 - 5000 bp were selected as RAPD markers. The number of amplified fragments varied from 3 (OPG 13) to 20 (OPX 04) with an average of 11.8 polymorphic fragments per marker. Specific RAPD markers for some mango germplasm were identified. Unweighted Pair Group Method using Arithmetic means (UPGMA) cluster analysis grouped all the germplasm into two clusters with a genetic similarity coefficient range of 0.67 to 0.88. The accessions within the germplasm i.e., Banganapalli -1, Banganapalli -2 and Banginapalli-3 showed genetic similarity which is in good agreement from a single ancestor with their putative pedigrees. The genotypes Panukula Mamidi and Rajamamidi were closely clustered since these two genotypes are native to the Vizianagaram district. Similarly, the genotypes Nuzividu Tiyya Mamidi and Nuzividu Rasalu occurred in the same cluster indicated that these genotypes also originated from the same geographical area, it can be concluded that they were separated into the cluster based on geographic origin. This study showed clearly that germplasm from coastal Andhra Pradesh unveiled maximum diversity and indicated the potential of RAPD markers for the identification of mango germplasm for breeding purposes.

Keywords: Cluster analysis, Dendrogram, Mango, Polymorphic information content and RAPD markers

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