Genetic variability, correlation and path analysis in mango ginger (Curcuma amada ROXB.)

DOI: 10.37992/2022.1301.010

  • Raval Kalpesh,
  • R. K. Patel,
  • Rajesh Panchal,
  • and K. G. Modha


The present investigation was carried out at the Research Farm, Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding, Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari, Gujarat during the kharif, 2018. Twelve different quantitative characters related to rhizome yield were recorded and subjected for estimation of analysis of variance. The result revealed significant differences among the genotypes indicating presence of sufficient amount of variability in all the characters studied. Wide range of variation by virtue of exhibiting highly significant genotypic differences for all the twelve traits. The value of phenotypic coefficient of variation was recorded higher and closer to the respective genotypic coefficient of variation for majority of traits under study indicates less influence of environment. The magnitudes of genotypic correlations were higher as compared to the corresponding phenotypic correlations indicating that there was an inherent association between all the characters at genotypic level. Path coefficient analysis showed rhizome width, leaf width, mother rhizomes per plant, leaf length and leaves per plant exhibited positive direct effects on green rhizome yield per plant. Hence, priority should be given to these traits in mango ginger improvement programme.

Keywords: Correlation, Heritability, Mango ginger, Path analysis, Variability

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Kalpesh, R., Patel, R. K., Panchal, R., & Modha, and K. G. (2022). Genetic variability, correlation and path analysis in mango ginger (Curcuma amada ROXB.). Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding, 13(1), 235-242. Retrieved from
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