Genetic variability for different quantitative characters in sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.)

  • Bajrang Bali,
  • Padmakshi Thakur,
  • Neeraj Shukla,
  • Deo Shankar and Sonali Kar


The study was initiated to generate genetic information on important yield contributing characters of sweet potato genotypes maintained in Chhattisgarh. Twenty eight sweet potatoes (Ipomea batatas L.)  genotypes were evaluated to estimate the genetic variability for different characters. The experiment was conducted using a Randomized Complete Block Design with three replications. The genetic parameters for yield contributing characters of different sweet potato genotypes were studied. Analysis of variance showed significant variation among the genotypes for all tested characters. The highest tuber yield was recorded in genotype Indira Naveen (27.84 t/ha) which was followed by TSP-16-8 (25.42 t/ha), Indira Madhur (25.26 t/ha), Sree Bhadhara (24.81 t/ha) and Sree Rethana (24.48 t/ha). Diameter of tubers, vine length, vine internode length, the number of tubers per plant showed the highest genotypic and phenotypic variation. High heritability was observed for characters viz., dry matter of tubers followed by vine length, vine internode length, starch, TSS of tubers, tubers weight per plant, the number of tubers per plant, vine weight per plant, diameter of tubers, dry matter of foliage, length of tubers, harvest index, tubers yield. Variability in vine length, vine weight, dry matter of foliage, tuber weight per plant and tubers yield present in the genotypes could be used for the improvement of sweet potato.

Keyword: Sweet potato, Genetic variability, Heritability, Genetic advance, Tuber yield.

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Bali, B., Thakur, P., Shukla, N., & Shankar and Sonali Kar, D. (2022). Genetic variability for different quantitative characters in sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.). Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding, 13(2), 506-511. Retrieved from
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