Genetic diversity study in soybean [Glycine max L. Merrill] based on agro- morphological characters

DOI: 10.37992/2022.1303.130

  • Kolisetti Lakshmi Sai Mounika, Th. Renuka Devi,
  • H. Nanita Devi, Kammela Seetha Ramaiah, Masadi Sunil Kumar,
  • Bireswar Sinha and N. Gopimohan Singh


Using Mahalanobis D2statistics, the level of genetic diversity among soybean genotypes based on 12 agro-morphological traits was investigated in this study. A total of 100 soybean genotypes were grouped into six clusters. Cluster I had the maximum number of genotypes (53 genotypes), followed by cluster II (37 genotypes), cluster III (6 genotypes), clusters IV and V (1 genotype each), cluster VI (2 genotypes). Clusters I and VI had the greatest inter-cluster distance (117618.10). Intra-cluster distance ranged between 0.00 and 9830.83. The biggest contribution to total divergence came from character plot yield (25.0 %). Cluster VI had the highest cluster mean values for yield and its component traits. Based on inter-cluster distance, cluster mean values, and mean per se performance, it is recommended to utilize genotypes of cluster I and cluster VI, I and III, III and IV, II and VI, respectively, for future hybridization programs to develop high yielding genotypes.

Keywords: soybean, clusters, genetic diversity

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