Potential groundnut pre-breeding genotypes with resistance to Aspergillus flavus


  • Gopalakrishna K. Naidu,
  • Sameer B. Dange and H. L. Nadaf


Aflatoxin contaminated groundnut can cause serious health effects to both humans and livestock. Twenty nine pre-breeding genotypes derived from A, B and K genomes of groundnut along with their parents, susceptible, resistant checks, released cutlivars and advanced breeding lines were evaluated under field for various productivity parameters in addition to screening for resistance against aflatoxin in the artificial condition. Among the pre-breeding genotypes only two genotypes (ICGIL 17101 and ICGIL 17124) showed resistance to A flavus with colonization severity of 1 and very less incidence percentage (< 7%) and considered as resistant compared to known resistant check, ICG 02207 which had colonization severity of 3 with 95 % incidence. Three pre breeding genotypes, ICGIL 17107, ICGIL 17114, and ICGIL 17128 showed colonization severity of 2 and considered as moderately resistant. The late leaf spot and rust resistant released variety, GPBD 4 showed colonization severity of 3 and classified as susceptible indicating different resistant mechanism operating against different pathogens. The genotype ICGIL 17124 in addition to having resistance to A flavus, also had higher pod yield per plant and hence could be tested widely for its consistent performance before releasing as a variety.

Keywords: Groundnut, afltoxin, pre-breeding, producitivity, resistance

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Naidu, G., & H. L. Nadaf, S. B. D. and. (2022). Potential groundnut pre-breeding genotypes with resistance to Aspergillus flavus. Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding, 13(1), 243-248. Retrieved from https://ejplantbreeding.org/index.php/EJPB/article/view/4134
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