CoPb 96: An early maturing sugarcane variety for Punjab

DOI: 10.37992/2022.1301.015

  • Vikrant Singh, Kuldeep Singh, R. S. Singh,
  • Rajinder Pal,
  • Rajinder Kumar,
  • Anuaradha and Chander Mohan


Sugarcane CoPb 96, an early maturing clone is developed at PAU Regional Research Station, Faridkot from segregating F1s of general collections of Co 0238. It recorded commercial cane sugar (CCS t/ha), cane yield (t/ha) and sucrose % of 11.10 t/ha, 90.56 t/ha and 17.92%, respectively in comparison with the standards viz., Co 0238, CoJ 64 and CoPb 92. It was significantly superior to all the commercial varieties in Punjab state trials and on par with Co 0238 under AICRP trials. CoPb 96 was identified as a high sugared variety with 12.55 % CCS and 19.03 % sucrose content in AICRP trials (2P+1R) of North West Zone and performed better than all standard varieties. This clone is tolerant against diseases (red rot, wilt, smuts, pokkah boeng and YLD) and less susceptible against borer complexes. It has erect medium yellow green colored cylindrical canes (~ 244.00 cm length, ~2.64 cm diameter) and with rhomboid bud. CoPb 96 was identified as an early clone in comparison with Co 0238 by SVRC, Punjab for realizing higher cane yield and sugar recovery in the State.

Keywords: CoPb 96 (CoPb 14181), CCS yield, SVRC, Sugarcane

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