Genetic analysis in Saccharum spontaneum accessions of Maharashtra collection

DOI: 10.37992/2022.1301.030

  • C. Jayabose,
  • V. Anusheela,
  • S. Karthigeyan,
  • P. Govindaraj,
  • and A. K. Rema Devi


In this study, 41 Saccharum spontaneum accessions collected from Maharashtra, India was characterized for 13 quantitative traits and 25 qualitative traits. The accessions were then planted in the field using a randomised block design with three replications. The quantitative traits were analysed using descriptive statistics, correlation, principal component analysis and cluster analysis. Phenotypic parameters viz., plant height ranged from 74.30 to 239.60 cm, stalk diameter ranged from 2.20 to 4.80 cm and HR brix varies from 5.30 to 15.20%. Also found strong association between stalk diameter and HR brix content. In PCA analysis, the first four components exhibited more than one eigenvalue. All accessions were clustered into four groups using agglomerative cluster analysis. The  Shannon  weaver index was used to analyze the qualitative traits. The highest diversity among the traits was found for bud germpore (0.96), leaf dewlap colour (0.94), bud shape (0.93), and stalk colour- exposed to sun (090).

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Jayabose, C., Anusheela, V., Karthigeyan, S., Govindaraj, P., & A. K. Rema Devi, and. (2022). Genetic analysis in Saccharum spontaneum accessions of Maharashtra collection. Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding, 13(1), 216-224. Retrieved from
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