Biplot analysis of non parametric measures of stability for long term evaluation of fababean genotypes

  • Rakesh Kumar Arya,
  • Ajay Verma and Vandana


Non parametric measures of stability were compared based on ranks of faba bean genotypes evaluated for the period of long term in the country. High yielding genotypes were HB13-48, HB13-10 and HB13-46 also selected by the Geometric Adaptability Index (GAI) along with larger values of Harmonic means (Har). Measure Si1 selected HB13-11, Vikrant and HB13-48 as opposed to HB13-15, HB13-6 and HB13-9 by Si2 values. Vikrant, HB13-9 and HB13-6 genotypes considered by Si3 and Si4 measure selected HB13-15, Vikrant and  HB13-9 faba bean genotypes. The next two Si5andSi6 pointed towards HB13-15, Vikrant and HB13-49 genotypes, while Si7pointed for HB13-15, Vikrant and HB13-9 genotypes.  Measure based on ranks as per corrected yield of genotypes CSi1 selected HB13-15, HB13-9 and HB13-38, while CSifound HB13-15, HB13-9 and HB13-6 as suitable candidates, while values of  CSisettled for HB13-15 HB13-9 and HB13-6 genotypes. Measure CSi4 identified HB13-15, HB13-9, HB13-6  and CSi5 pointed towardsHB13-15, HB13-38 and HB13-43, while CSi6 observed suitability of HB13-15,  HB13-9 and HB13-26 and lastly CSi7 values identified HB13-15, HB13-9  and HB13-38 genotypes. Composite measures consider the ranks of genotypes as per yield and corrected yield simultaneously, values of NPi(1) measure the observed suitability of HB13-11, HB13-38 and HB13-43.Whereas, as per NPi(2) valuesHB13-15, HB13-9 and  HB13-18  would be genotypes of choice, while NPi(3)  identifiedHB13-15, HB13-9 and HB13-6. NPi (4) found HB13-9, HB13-6 and Vikrant  as suitable genotypes, while values of Z1 favoured HB13-16, HB13-2 and Vikrant  and Z2 settled for HB13-2, Vikrant, HB13-18. Biplot graphical analysis observed NPi(1) had maintained a close relationship with CSi3, CSi6, CCVR, CSDR, CSi5, CSi2. SDR showed a strong association with Si5, Si2, Si1, NP(2), NPi(3) , NPi (4) , CVR, Si3, Si6  and AvgR measures. Spearman rank correlation showed a highly significant positive correlation with GAI, Har, Si3, Si6, Coefficient of variation based on ranks (CVR), Median value based on ranks of genotypes (MedR), Average of ranks (AvgR) measures and significant positive correlation with NPi(2), NPi(3) and NPi,(4) while very weak relationships expressed with Geometric Adaptability Index based on corrected yield values (CGAI), Harmonic mean as per corrected yield values (Char), CSdr, Z1, Z2, CSi1,CSi2,CSi3,CSi4,CSi5,CSi6,CSi7, NPi(1),CSdr measures. Highly significant positive correlation expressed by GAI with Har, MedR AvgR and CAvgR only and weak with Si3, Si6, more over weak negative correlations with remaining measures. Nonparametric measures would be quite useful to the breeders to put forward stable high yielder genotypes in changing climatic fluctuations.

 Keywords: Faba bean, Rank based measures, Si(s), CSi(s), NPi(s),   Biplot analysis

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