Deciphering genetic diversity in ‘Antenna Panel’ genotypes of IRRI’s Global Rice Array-IV for yield traits in Indo-Gangetic Plains

  • Deepayan Roy,
  • Amit Kumar Gaur and Indra Deo Pandey


International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) has launched a flagship project-4 consisting of 58 rice genotypes ‘Antenna Panel’ (a panel of diverse genotypes having various beneficial genes introgressed) from the Global Rice Array-IV (GRA-IV). Exploring diversity provides an opportunity for plant breeders to develop resilient crops and analysis of diversity is important for any crop improvement programme. Mahalanobis’s distance matrix thus obtained was further subjected to clustering by the UPGMA hierarchical agglomerative clustering method to decipher the degree of genetic divergence in the ‘Antenna Panel’ genotypes of IRRI’s Global Rice Array-IV. On the basis of D2 values, rice genotypes were grouped into eleven clusters. Cluster I was the largest and contained the maximum number of genotypes. The inter-cluster distance ranged from 5.8  between cluster I and cluster VIII to 18.8 between cluster V and cluster X. The highest inter cluster distance was recorded between clusters V and X (18.80) followed by clusters II and V (17.78). The intra cluster distance was found to be maximum in cluster II (5.20) followed by cluster V (5.01), and cluster I (4.25). The character days to 50% flowering (33.1%) showed a maximum contribution followed by plant height (30.2%), grain yield  (10.3%), the number of grains per panicle (10.00%), panicle length  (7.3 %), the number of tillers per plant (4.8%) and 1000-grain weight (4.3%). If a superior genotype with an ample amount of genetic divergence and well adapted in India’s Indo-Gangetic Plains can be selected, from these global databases then it can be of great help to break the stagnation of yield by improving the genetic potential of the existing rice varieties through hybridization and exploitation of heterosis. In this context, if hybridization is attempted between the genotypes included in the cluster V (SUPA, ZANTON::IRGC 31248-1 and URAIBOOL::IRGC 52785-1) and cluster X (Hokkai 188, M202) greater heterosis can be expected.

Keywords: Rice genotypes, Genetic Divergence, IRRI, D2

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