CO 54 (IET 24313) : An early maturing high yielding rice variety with marketable grain quality suitable for Tamil Nadu

DOI: 10.37992/2022.1303.143

  • K. Mohanasundaram, P. Jeyaprakash,
  • R. Pushpam,
  • K. Ganesamurthy, S. Robin,
  • K. Amudha,
  • S. Manonmani,
  • S. Rajeswari,
  • S. Geetha, K. Ramanathan,
  • R. P. Soundararajan, V. Balasubramani, C. Gopalakrishnan,
  • K. Krishnasurender and G. Senthil Kumar


The rice culture, CB 12588 evolved by crossing CB 04110 x CB 05501 was released as CO 54 during the year 2021 as an alternate variety to CO 51 and ADT 43 with 105-110 days duration. CO 54 is a medium tall variety with a profuse tillering habit, long erect leaves and droopy compact panicles possessing more number of filled grains per panicle. CB 12588  recorded an overall mean grain yield of 6354 kg/ha in various yield trials which was 10.83 per cent improvement over CO 51 and 10.35 per cent over ADT 53.  CO 54 has got high yielding potential due to its high agronomic and physiological efficiency and the maximum yield of 9259 was recorded in Bhavanisagar, Erode district under multi location trial. A High yield of more than 7000 kg/ha was realized in 16 locations in an adaptive research trial.  Besides yield, the culture CB 12588 has got marketable grain type i.e. medium slender grains with high milling outturn and head rice recovery percentage. Desirable cooking quality parameters like good linear elongation ratio, high volume expansion, intermediate amylose, soft gel consistency and moderate gelatinization temperature along with highly productive plant traits make CO 54 a suitable alternate variety to CO 51 and ADT 53. The culture CB 12588 is moderately resistant to blast, sheath rot, sheath blight and BPH under artificial conditions. The rice culture CB 12588 was released as CO 54 with a higher yield, better pest and disease resistance and good cooking quality in comparison to the checks CO 51 and ADT 53. It is suitable for cultivation during Kar/ Kuruvai/Sornavari/Navarai and the seasons/tracts wherever early maturing rice varieties are cultivated throughout Tamil Nadu.

 Keywords: CO 54, Short duration, high yield, medium slender, cooking quality

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