Dapoli 3: A high yielding variety of finger millet

DOI: 10.37992/2022.1303.144

  • S. S. Desai V. V. Dalvi,
  • R. L. Kunkerkar, R. T. Gawade and U. B. Pethe


A high yielding mid-late duration culture DPLN 2 was developed at the Department of Agriculture Botany, College of Agriculture, Dapoli and released as Dapoli 3 during 2020 at the state level and notified by the ministry of Agriculture and farmer welfare, Department of Agriculture and farmer welfare with notification number CG-DL-E-04012022-232406 extraordinary part-II-section 3-subsection (ii) dated 24th Dec. 2021. Dapoli 3 has developed through pure line selection from local germplasm. Out of twenty one culture, the culture DPLN 2 was found promising in respect of yield over check Dapoli 1, Dapoli 2 and PR 202 in station, multilocation and adaptive research trials. It yields an average of 2405 kg/ha of grain under rainfed conditions. Besides high yield culture has semi compact earhead, uniform maturity, non-lodging, continuous spikelets, non-shattering with moderate protein (7.52 %) and calcium (264 ppm) content. The weight of earhead of culture is 8.9 g as compared to 7.2 g of Dapoli 1. The culture recorded a grain yield of 2405 kg/ha which was 26.64 per cent increase over the check Dapoli 1 (1899 kg/ha) in station trails. It recorded a grain yield of 2014  kg/ha which was 13.78 per cent increase over the check Dapoli 1 (1770 kg/ ha) in multilocation trials conducted during Kharif 2016 and 2017 at 13 locations whereas the mean grain yield recorded by culture DPLN 2 (was 1518 kg/ha) which was 12.19 per cent increase over check Dapoli 1(1353 kg/ha) in adaptive research trial conducted in Konkan and Goa region during Kharif 2019. It has given the mean yield of 3228 kg/ha which was 5.76 per cent increase over the national check GPU 45 (3052 kg/ha) and 12.98 per cent increase over the VL 376 (2857 kg/ha) in all India co-ordinated trails tested during kharif, 2019.

 Keywords: Finger millet, yield, Semi compact, new variety

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