Co 12009: Midlate sugarcane variety for tropical India

DOI: 10.37992/2022.1303.133

  • S. Alarmelu, G. Hemaprabha and R. M. Shanthi


Co 12009  was identified by ICAR-Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore as a high yielding and midlate maturing variety which was selected from the cross of  [{(Co 7201 x (Co 62174 x SES 91)} x Co 88037)}] x Co 62198. The variety was approved in the 83rd meeting of the Central Sub Committee on Crop standards, Notification and released for cultivation as a midlate variety in the States of Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Telangana of   Peninsular Zone. It has SES 91 (S. spontaneum) as a genetic base and is a product of three nobilized generations.  It performed well in All India Coordinated Research Project AICRP(S) trials conducted across the centres of Peninsular zone for cane yield, sugar yield and sucrose % with an overall mean of 119.65 t/ha of cane yield, 17.31 t/ha of commercial cane sugar, 19.91 per cent of juice sucrose at 360 days of harvest in comparison with midlate standard Co 86032. It is an excellent ratooner with an improvement of 13.70 and 10.43 per cent for sugar and cane yield, respectively over Co 86032 and also performed well under 125 % RDF (recommended dose of fertilizer) condition and wide row spacing for cane yield and it was superior to all the three standards viz., CoC 671, Co 86032 and CoSnk 05103. It is resistant to red rot and proved its wide adaptability in varied environments and also a promising donor for drought. Co 12009 is viewed as a potential midlate variety and is expected to produce higher cane and sugar yield in the states of Peninsular zone.

Keywords: Co 12009, Midlate variety, Cane yield, sugar yield, Sugar cane

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