GPUF 3: A new high yielding foxtail millet variety (Sateria italica)

DOI: 10.37992/2022.1303.103

  • T. E. Nagaraja,
  • C. Nandini,
  • Sujata Bhat,
  • K. B. Palanna,
  • Prabhu C. Ganiger,
  • T. S. Sukanya,
  • H. S. Saritha,
  • S. Gazala Parveen and D. N. Vinutha


GPUF 3, a new foxtail millet variety was developed at the Project Coordinating unit, ICAR- AICRP on Small Millets, University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK, Bengaluru for cultivation in zone 5 and zone 6 of Karnataka state.  It has been evolved through pureline selection from germplasm IC 479864. This new variety matures in 85-90 days. This variety has semi compact and oblong shaped inflorescence. The grains are oval in shape and yellow in colour. This variety is moderately resistant to leaf blight and rust diseases and it is tolerant to shoot fly damage. GPUF 3 grain contains high calcium than check SiA 3156 and it contains iron content of 39.4 ppm, 11.6 per cent protein and 43.2 ppm of Zinc. Fodder contains high crude fiber, crude protein and crude fat content than check variety SiA 3156. New variety GPUF 3 recorded an average grain yield of 29.89 q/ha in station trials, 26.33 q/ha in Multilocation trials and 15.16 q/ha in farm trials with a mean grain yield of 23.79 q/ha across all the trials. GPUF 3 registered an average grain yield of 23.79 q/ha with a 19.12 per cent increased yield over check variety SiA3156. In All India Co-ordinated trials, GPUF 3 yielded 2753 kg/ha across the locations and ranked 11th across the locations in AICRP trials. This new variety is recommended for release in the Annual Plant Scientists Group meeting held at UAS, GKVK, Bengaluru on 1-3rdMarch 2021, Annual ZREP workshop of Zone-6 held on 5th April 2021, Annual ZREP workshop of Zone-5 held on 8th April 2021 and State varietal evaluation committee (SVEC) meeting held on 13th to 16th December 2021. NBPGR, New Delhi has issued national identity number IC 635733 for this variety. Because of its superior performance in zone 5 and zone 6 of Karnataka, this variety has been recommended for cultivation in the southern (Zone 6) and eastern (zone 5) dry zones of Karnataka state.

Keywords: Coordinated trials, Foxtail millet, Grain yield, Inflorescence, Variety

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