Identification of multi-trait donor sources in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) for yield and seed quality improvement

DOI: 10.37992/2022.1303.101

  • B. Sukrutha,
  • Srividya Akkareddy,
  • L. N. Vemireddy,
  • A. R. Nirmal Kumar,
  • P. Latha and K. V. Nagamadhuri


Identification/availability of potent trait-specific donors is core-step towards a targeted crop improvement program, especially in groundnut. For identification of multi-trait donors, 24 ANGRAU released and other popular genotypes that are grown in India were studied for yield, seed-biochemical and micronutrient-quality. ANOVA showed significance for all the characters indicating the availability of sufficient variability among genotypes. The characters   primary-branches/plant, secondary-branches/plant, pod yield/plant, sucrose content, Total Free Aminoacids (TFA), Total Soluble Solids (TSS) and iron content (IC) exhibited high GCV and PCV which indicates that selection for these characters is effective. High heritability and genetic advance as per cent of mean were recorded for plant height, primary branches, secondary branches, pod yield, hundred-pod weight, sucrose content, TFA, TSS and IC indicates that these are under the control of additive gene-action. Significant positive associations were observed for primary branches, secondary branches, 100-pod weight, shelling per cent, protein and zinc content. Cluster analysis also revealed the availability of ample diversity that can be used in trait-improvement programmes. HeatMap revealed that Bheema, Kadiri-7, Nithya Haritha and Kadiri-8 can be used as potential multi-trait donor sources for different yield and quality-related traits viz., pod yield, 100-pod weight, 100-kernal weight, primary branches, oil content, Fe and Zn content. Further, it is observed that more number of uniformly maturing pod bearing primary branches is a potent yield contributing trait in groundnut. Hence, the identification of multi-trait donors will improve breeding strategy and provide an advantage of selection at the enhancement of yield through multi-traits along with kernel quality improvement.

Keywords: Groundnut, Multi-trait donor, correlation, heatmap, variability, cluster analysis  
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