Characterization of soybean [Glycine max(L.) Merrill] genotypes using DUS descriptors

  • R. C. Sivabharathi,
  • A. Muthuswamy,
  • K. Anandhi and L. Karthiba


A total of 70 soybean genotypes from the Ramaiah gene bank including five checks were evaluated for 14 qualitative and four quantitative traits based on DUS guidelines given by PPV& FR. Sixty-five genotypes and five check varieties were subjected to cluster analysis and were grouped into four major clusters with an average similarity of 77%. Cluster I consisted of 41 genotypes, cluster II had 15 genotypes, cluster III had nine genotypes and cluster IV had five genotypes. The study revealed an association between anthocyanin pigmentation in hypocotyl and flower colour. MACS 1254 was identified as the only genotype with a yellow green seed coat among 70 genotypes. According to the DUS, two genotypes viz., JS 76-1194 and JS (SH) 91-93 showed a lanceolate leaf shape. The distinct genotypes identified in the present study could be used in the breeding programme for the improvement of soybean.

Keywords: Soybean, Characterization, DUS, Qualitative traits, Cluster.

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Sivabharathi, R. C., Muthuswamy, A., & L. Karthiba, K. A. and. (2022). Characterization of soybean [Glycine max(L.) Merrill] genotypes using DUS descriptors. Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding, 13(2), 455-464. Retrieved from
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