Characterization of pigeonpea germplasm using DUS descriptors

  • M. Dhanushasree,
  • A. Thanga Hemavathy,
  • R. P. Gnanamalar and L. Karthiba


The present study was carried out on sixty-eight early duration pigeonpea genotypes during rabi, 2021-22. Twenty traits were recorded as per the descriptors provided by PPV & FRA and several genotypes possessed unique traits that aid in genotype identification and varietal purification. The traits viz., branching pattern, growth habit, stem colour, colour of base of petal, pattern of streaks on petal (standard), pod colour, pod surface stickiness, pod size, the number of seeds per pod, seed colour, seed shape, seed pattern and seed size showed significant variation among genotypes. Characters such as leaf shape, leaf pubescence, days to 50% flowering and pod constriction showed no variation. Sixty-eight genotypes were subjected to cluster analysis and the genotypes were grouped into eight major clusters, where cluster II was the largest one followed by clusters VI, I, IV, V, VII, VIII and III. The genotypes present in different clusters showed high variation for different traits and will be utilized for crop improvement programs.

Keywords: Pigeonpea, Distinctiveness, Uniformity, Stability, qualitative, clustering

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Dhanushasree, M., Thanga Hemavathy, A., & L. Karthiba, R. P. G. and. (2022). Characterization of pigeonpea germplasm using DUS descriptors. Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding, 13(2), 532-543. Retrieved from
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