Genetic variability analysis for yield and yield attributes among determinate “Wal” type Indian bean [Lablab purpureus (L.) Sweet] genotypes

DOI: 10.37992/2022.1304.151

  • D. P. Patel,
  • K. G. Modha,
  • A. D. Kyada,
  • Jwala Pranati,
  • M. R. Prajapati,
  • B. H. Kale and R. K. Patel


Fifty two genotypes of Indian bean were examined for the genetic variability parameters and trait correlation for 11 yield contributing traits in F5 progenies. Analysis revealed that these genotypes had a considerable level of diversity. The magnitude of GCV and PCV was high for seed yield per plant, which indicated the potential for selection based genetic enhancement. The GCV and PCV values were moderate for pod weight, pods width and pod length. High heritability along with high genetic advance as per cent mean was recorded for pod width, pod length, pod weight and seed yield per plant. The seed yield per plant had a significant positive correlation with pod weight, plant height, pod length, pod width and seeds per pod. The overall genotypic path analysis revealed that racemes per plant exhibited the highest positive direct effects on seed yield per plant followed by direct effects of pod length, pods per raceme, pod width and pod weight. Therefore, simple selection is advised for pod length, pod width and pod weight to boost the yield of the Indian bean. Based on mean values, the progenies W-19-26, W-19-22 and W-19-25 of GNIB-21 × GP-167 among all crosses had shown significantly higher seed yield over the check varieties GNIB-21 and GNIB-22 and hence identified as elite genotypes.

Keywords: Indian bean, Variability, Correlation, Heritability, Path analysis

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