Molecular analysis through RAPD markers in greengram genotypes

DOI: 10.37992/2022.1303.147

  • G. Kalaiyarasi and S. Padmavathi


The objective of the study is to determine the genetic relationships and diversity among 20 genotypes of greengram. Ten randomly chosen decamers in total were screened, and all of them were amplified. There were 1071 amplified bands in total, 110 of which were polymorphic, 10.27 percent polymorphism was the average. The band size of the final PCR-amplified products varied from 100 bp to 1000 bp. According to the presence or absence of unique alleles were found in sixteen genotypes of greengram. The values of the Jaccard’s similarity coefficient for RAPD primers ranged from 0.0 to 0.5. The majority of the genotypes were divided into six major clusters based on the dendrogram produced by using the UPGMA method. The genetic distance between genotypes VRM-1 and MH 421was the smallest, while the genetic distance between genotypes CO 1 and CO 8, VBN 3 and CO 2 (99%) was the greatest.Hence, these findings provides valuable information for molecular classification and marker-assisted breeding for crop improvement in the Vigna germplasm pool.

Keywords: DNA amplification, Genetic diversity, Greengram, RAPD, Polymorphism, Similarity coefficient

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Molecular analysis through RAPD markers in greengram genotypes

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