Morphological  characterization  and  new  variation  in  compound  leaf  of  mungbean (Vigna radiata L. Wilczek)  genotypes

DOI: 10.37992/2022.1304.168

  • Shivangi Rahangdale,
  • S. K. Singh,
  • J. P. Lakhani,
  • Shailendra Sagar Prajapati and Pratik Kumar


The present investigation was executed under field conditions that favour normal growth and expression for all descriptors. A collection of 40 mungbean genotypes were characterised for 21 agro-morphological traits during the summer 2021 and 2022. The experimental material was  evaluated in three replications in RCBD and observations were recorded as per DUS guidelines. The  phenotypic assessment showed polymorphism for  the characters such as hypocotyl anthocyanin coloration, stem colour, leaf shape, leaf colour, leaf vein colour, petiole colour, flower petal colour, pod position, pod colour, pod curvature, seed colour, seed size etc. Some special character including yellow seed colour of local germplasm ‘yellow-mung’ diversified the crop. Furthermore, an increased number of leaflet viz. quadrifoliate and pentafoliate compound leaf variations were also observed rather than the normal trifoliate compound leaf of mungbean. The standard descriptors can be used as a marker to characterize the crop species for utilization of germplasm and conservation programmes.

Keywords: characterization, compound leaf, DUS, greengram, polymorphism

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