Interpreting genotype × environment interaction in greengram (Vigna radiata L. Wilczek) using Eberhart and Russell Model


DOI: 10.37992/2022.1304.176

  • Kuldeep M. Akbari,
  • Mukesh P. Patel,
  • Tejaskumar H. Borkhatariya,
  • Praful M. Sondarava and Jay B. Delvadiya


Fifty four genotypes of greengram were investigated under four different environments in a randomised block design with three replications during the year 2021. Eberhart and Russell model was carried out which revealed significant G ´ E interaction for all the traits, indicating differential response of genotypes to changing environments. The linear and non-linear G ´ E components were significant for majority of the characters, suggesting presence of both predictable and non-predictable component. The genotypes viz., VMG-66, VMG-39, VMG-79, VMG-97 and GM 6 were found to be stable and high yielding across the environments. These genotypes also found stable for two or three other yield contributing component traits. It can be inferred from the stability analysis that none of genotype was noticed to be ideal with greater adaptability for all the characters.

Keywords: Stability, Greengram, Environment, G ´ E interaction

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