Variability, correlation and path analyse in segregating population of groundnut (Arachis hypogaeae L.)

DOI: 10.37992/2022.1303.149

  • P. Ananth Kannappan,
  • PL. Viswanathan,
  • N. Manivannan and L. Rajendran


Two crosses in F3generation were studied for their variability, correlation and path analysis. The cross VRI 8 × K6 had better mean performance in all traits with very good pod and kernel yield per plant with mean of 36.59g and 22.56g, respectively compared to that of BSR 2 × K 6 with mean pod and kernel yield per plant of 24.95g and 15.59g, respectively. The cross also had high heritability of pod yield (79.45%)and kernel yield (82.83%) with low and moderateGAM for pod (8.87%) and kernel yield (10.19%), respectively. Though the crosses were in early generations, the PCV and GCV values were low to moderate for both crosses expect for the kernel yield (27.70% & 26.71%) in BSR 2 × K 6  and pod yield in both the crosses (23.67% & 21.24% in BSR 2 × K 6 and 23.73% & 21.16% in VRI 8 × K 6, respectively) with higher PCV, GCV values. In correlation analysis, there was a highly significant positive correlation between kernel yield and number of matured pods, number of pods, 100pod weight, 100kernel weight, pod yield and shelling percentage in both the crosses. Highly significant correlation was observed between shelling percentage and days to floweringin VRI 8 × K 6. Similarly, in BSR 2 × K 6,shelling percentage and 100 kernel weight were highly significantly correlated. Path analysis revealed that, there was a high positive direct effect on kernel yield by 100kernel weight and pod yield in both the crosses. Shelling percentage in VRI 8 × K 6 had a negligible positive direct effect on the yield. Thus, on the basis of correlation and path analysis, 100kernel weight, number of matured pods, shelling percentage, pod yield per plant were proved to bethe outstanding characters influencing kernel yield in groundnut and need to be givenimportance in selection to achieve higher kernel yield.

Keywords: Groundnut, Segregating population, Variability, Correlation, Path Analysis

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