Molecular characterisation of Maize [ Zea mays (L.)] germplasm accessions

  • A. Subramanian and N. Subbaraman
Keywords: Maize, Diversity, Germplasm, RAPD


Genetic distances within crop species are measures of average genetic divergence between populations and it provides an
index for parental selection. This study was undertaken to identify diverse inbreds from a group of 38 maize inbreds using 27
Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) primers. The data obtained was subjected to genetic diversity analysis by
Sequential Agglomerative Hierarchical Non-overlapping (SAHN) clustering using Dice’s coefficient and Unweighted Paired
Group Method with Arithmetic Average (UPGMA). Genotypes were broadly classified into seven clusters. Similarity
coefficient at molecular level was highest between UMI-852 and UMI-752. Based on the study, 11 inbreds were selected for
use in heterosis breeding.
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