Molecular and biochemical analysis of aroma in CSR10 x Taraori basmati derived Recombinant Inbred Lines

  • Pummy Kumari, Uma Ahuja, Sunita Jain and R.K. Jain
Keywords: Basmati, recombinant inbred lines, fragrance, association


The aroma or fragrance of Basmati rice is associated with the presence and content of chemical compound, 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline
and the trait is monogenic recessive. Several PCR-based co-dominant marker based on RG28 locus were developed, which can
differentiate between fragrant and non-fragrant rice cultivars. For molecular and biochemical analysis of aroma, a mapping
population comprising 208 recombinant inbred lines (RILs) derived from a diverse cross between CSR10 and Taraori Basmati
through SSD method was used. RILs are among the best mapping populations, which provide a novel material for linkage
mapping of genes/QTLs marker for various traits. Biochemical analysis of aroma was performed with the 1.7% KOH solution
and molecular analysis of aroma was carried out with microsatellite markers present on chromosome 8 (BAD2, BADEX7-5,
SCUSSR1) to determine the extent of association between trait, marker and chromosome 8. Among these markers, BAD2
amplified aroma specific alleles having 256 bp in 72 lines, BADEX7-5 with 95 bp in 74 lines and SCUSSR1 with 129 bp in 79
lines. Mentel test of significance detected by biochemical analysis of RILs (with 1.7 % KOH) and molecular marker study
revealed high degree (>90 %) of association of aroma with the above mentioned markers, respectively. Some of the F10 lines
amplified the heterozygous alleles for two sets of specific markers (BAD2 and SCUSSR-1) but did not show the presence of
aroma as analyzed by chemical test. Aromatic and non-aromatic lines were almost common in three markers indicating
association of markers with the trait and chromosome 8. The results revealed that these markers could be used for marker assisted
selection and RIL population for mapping of aroma QTLs/genes.
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