Combining ability studies in sesame(Sesamum indicum L.)

  • T Shobha Rani, PJTSAU, Rajendranagar
  • T Kiran Babu, RARS, jagtial
  • S Thippeswamy RARS,PJTSAU, Jagtial


The present study was envisaged to know the performance of hybrids developed and to characterize the parents for their combining ability for yield and yield components. The experiment was conducted with 90 hybrids with their parents (19) during summer, 2013 using two replications. The analysis of variance revealed that highly significant female x male interaction for all the traits under study. The parents, JCS 9426, JCS 96, JCS 2012(females) and TSES-POL 05, TSES-POL 02, TSES-POL 04, TSES-POL 06 (males) were found to be good general combiners for seed yield per plant. LGP 12-16 and JCS 1920 (females) and TSES-POL 02, TSES-POL 03 and TSES-POL 04(males) were found to be good general combiners for oil content. The best hybrids on the basis of sca effects were JCS 2012 x TSES-POL 09 for total number of capsules per plant, LGP 12-16 x TSES-POL 02 for 1000 seed weight, JCS 96 x TSES-POL 05 for seed yield per plant and JCS 9426 x TSES-POL 02 for seed yield per plot and JCS 2012 x TSES-POL 06 for oil content.

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T Shobha Rani, PJTSAU, Rajendranagar
Scientist (Plant Breeding)
T Kiran Babu, RARS, jagtial
S Thippeswamy, RARS,PJTSAU, Jagtial
Scientist (plant breeding)
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