Stability of yield and related traits in the land races of rabi sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench)

  • K. Sujatha, SNCVL Pushpavalli, D. Shivani Scientist PJTSAU Telangana
Keywords: G x E interaction, Stability parameters, Regression coefficient, Environmental index


Forty five rabi sorghum land races were evaluated along with three checks M35-1, CSV 22R and Phule Chitra for three years (2011-2013) at ARS, Tandur to identify promising and stable donors for yield and related traits to be used in crossing programmes. Analysis of variance of pooled data over three years indicated significant differences among the genotypes and environments for days to 50% flowering, days to maturity, plant height, test weight, grain yield and fodder yield. Significant GxE interaction was observed for the six traits indicating differential response of the genotypes to different seasons. Environmental indices revealed early expression of flowering and early crop maturity in 2012 and 2013 respectively. The expression of plant height was good in 2013 and test weight, grain and fodder yields in the year 2011. This study identified that the land races Jamkhed local1 and RSV 1460 for breeding early duration types, RSV 1425 for improving the test weight, RS 1449 and Pusegaon local for grain yield improvement, Dharampur local, Nimbodi local, SSRG 170, SSRG 204, SSRG 203 and SSRG 236 for forage sorghum improvement are suitable.

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