Correlation and path analysis in sunflower populations

  • Laxmi C. Patil
Keywords: Sunflower, population, pollen selection, correlation, path analysis


Correlation and path coefficient analysis was computed on two sunflower populations improved through recurrent selection with pollen selection (C3G3) and without pollen selection (C3). Character association studies in both the populations revealed that the per cent disease index (PDI) at both the stages exhibited non-significant negative association not only with seed yield, but also with head diameter and volume weight. The traits viz., plant height, head diameter and volume weight were found to be significantly associated with the seed yield. The path coefficient analysis for seed yield indicated that PDI at both the stages had negative direct effect on seed yield. Positive direct effect on seed yield was recorded for head diameter, volume weight and plant height. There were no major shifts in correlation and path coefficient values between C3 and C3G3 population.
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Correlation and path analysis in sunflower populations. 2011. Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding, 2 3, 442-447. Retrieved from
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