Genetic variability and correlation studies in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

  • Sheshaiah 1 Shankergoud I. UAS Raichur
Keywords: Sunflower, correlation, genetic variability, root length, total dry matter


The present study was conducted in order to investigate genetic variability and to understand the relationship and contribution of characters towards total dry matter and root length. The investigation was carried out at Main Agricultural Research Station, UAS, Raichur during Rabi 2012-13, 32 genotypes were evaluated in RBD fashion under root structures. At flowering stage all morphological and root characters were scored. The total dry matter content was assessed after drying the root, stem, leaf, petiole and flower of the plant at 70 0C  in an oven.. High GCV coupled with high PCV recorded for most of the characters except stem girth, SPAD reading and number of leaves, indicating more variability for these traits and are less influenced by the environment. High heritability coupled with high GAM reported for all the traits under study suggested for the greater effectiveness for selection and improvement expected for these traits in future generations. The total dry matter and root length had very highly significant positive association with plant height, root volume, fresh root weight, dry root weight, fresh stem weight, dry stem weight, fresh leaf weight and dry leaf weight indicating the importance of root characters in determining the moisture stress tolerance and putforthing the total dry matter content of the plant.


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Sheshaiah 1 Shankergoud I., UAS Raichur
Genetics and Plant Breeding
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