Selection of stable genotype on the basis of stability performance and sustainability index in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

  • N.R. Koli, B.L.Kumhar, R.K. Mahawar, R.K. Bagri and Chandra prakash Agriculture University, Kota
Keywords: Genotype x environment interaction, regression coefficient, stability parameters, sustainability index and coarse rice


A comparative study on stability parameters and sustainability index for selecting stable genotypes of rice was carried out according to Eberhart and Russell Model.  Stability analysis was carried out with twenty genotypes for grain yield and its contributing characters on three year data basis viz., 2010, 2011 and 2012. Based on the linear component (bi), non-linear response (s2di) and high mean performance (X),  IET-21794 , IET-22110 and IET-22117 were found stable for grain yield (q/ha) , number of panicles /m2  and panicle length  (cm.) with high sustainability index  of more than 90 % , indicated that these traits are least influenced by the environmental factors.

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N.R. Koli, B.L.Kumhar, R.K. Mahawar, R.K. Bagri and Chandra prakash, Agriculture University, Kota
Plant Breeding & Genetics
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