Antioxidative potential of defatted meal from exotic collections of Indian mustard (Brassica juncea)

  • Poonam Papola, H. Punetha and Om Prakash GBPUAT, Pantnagar
Keywords: Exotic collections, Brassica juncea, Antioxidative and phenol content


The present study directed to evaluate antioxidant potential of methanolic extract from defatted meal of twenty Exotic collections (EC) of Brassica juncea for selection of desirable breeding germplasm having functional value in term of antioxidative potential.  Being antioxidative in nature Brassica juncea may be used as alternative in place of synthetic ones. Total antioxidant activity and phenol content was observed in the range 14.204 to 26.973 mg/g and 5.39 to 7.47 mg/g respectively. In term of IC50 value Hydroxyl radical, nitric oxide & superoxide radical scavenging was maximum in EC564649 where as DPPH radical scavenging was maximum in EC552583 (YS). Metal chelating activity was maximum in EC564641.

Author Biography

Poonam Papola, H. Punetha and Om Prakash, GBPUAT, Pantnagar

Department of Biopchemistry


Junior research Officer

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