Identification of elite lines and consistent markers linked to yield and yield components in rice (Oryza sativa L.) using association mapping

  • Ashish Rajurkar, A. Bharathi, S. Reena and R. Chandra Babu* Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
Keywords: Rice, Diverse germplasm, Yield, SSRs, Association mapping


Genetic variation is the foundation of crop improvement. Identifying donors for yield and yield components will help to develop high yielding cultivars. Yield being a complex trait, understanding its molecular genetics may hasten breeding for high yield. Identifying molecular markers associated with yield traits will improve efficiency of breeding. Forty-nine rice genotypes from different geographical regions were evaluated for yield and yield components under irrigated conditions in three separate field trials. Significant variation for yield and yield-related traits was noticed among the genotypes. Rice lines, IR58821 and IR52561 gave consistently higher yield across trials. Association mapping detected 46 markers associated with growth and yield traits across trials. Markers, PSM432, PSM371A and PSM167 were consistently associated with grain yield and harvest index. Rice lines with stably high yields such as IR58821 and IR52561 and markers consistently associated with yield traits will help to develop improved rice cultivars through marker assisted breeding.

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Ashish Rajurkar, A. Bharathi, S. Reena and R. Chandra Babu*, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University


Centre for Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

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