A study on correlation and path analysis for seed yield and yield components in sunflower [Helianthus annuus (L.)]

  • M.M.Pandya*, P.B.Patel1 A.V. Narwade
Keywords: Sunflower, correlation, path analysis.


Correlation and path coefficient analysis was carried out in 40 genotypes of sunflower [Helianthus annuus  (L.)]. Association analysis between seed yield per plant and other 14 characters revealed that seed yield per plant showed highly significant and positive correlation with head diameter, number of seeds per capitula, number of filled seeds per capitula and 100 seed weight at both genotypic and phenotypic levels. These seed yield per plant also possessed positive association with days to maturity, stem diameter, number of leaves per plant, leaf area at flowering, plant height, oil content and vacant inner diameter. The characters days to 50 per cent flowering, days to initiation of flower and number of unfilled seeds per capitula exhibited negative correlation with seed yield per plant. Path analysis indicated that days to 50 per cent flowering had highest positive direct effect on seed yield per plant followed by number of leaves per plant. The character days to initiation of  flower exhibited high negative direct effects.


Research Note