Combining ability for seed yield and its components in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

  • M. B. Virani, J. H. Vachhani, V. H. Kachhadia, R. M. Chavadhari and Sureshkumar Sharma
Keywords: Combining ability, gca, sca, l x t analysis, sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)


Fifty sesame crosses generated in line x tester (10 lines x 5 testers) mating method were studied to estimate combining ability for fourteen characters in sesame. Analysis of variance for combining ability revealed that the mean squares due to lines, testers and line x testers were significant for all the characters except mean squares due to lines for days to maturity. The results indicated the importance of both additive and non-additive genetic variances in the expression of these characters. The estimated ratio of 2gca/2sca from analysis of combining ability revealed that non-additive gene action was predominant in the genetic control of all the characters studied except plant height. Among female parents, ES-246 was found to be good general combiner for eleven characters followed by Lalavadar-6 for five characters and Borda-2 for four characters. Among the testers, G.Til-4 was good general combiner for seven characters followed by G.Til-1-9-4, which gave desirable gca for five traits. The estimates of sca effects of the crosses indicated that twelve hybrids manifested significant and positive sca effects for seed yield per plant. Among these, the best three specific cross combinations were RMT-180 x G. Til-3, Borda-2 x G. Til-1-9-4 and Lalavadar-6 x J-68-3., which had high sca effects for seed yield per plant along with per se performance and other yield traits.

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