CoG 6 - A high yielding and quality sugarcane variety

  • N.A. Saravanan, R. Sudhagar, A. Thirumurugan and R. Kanchanarani


CoG 6 is an early maturing, high yielding, high sugared, variety with high quality jaggery developed through hybridization and selection from a cross between HR 83-144 x CoH 119 at Sugarcane Research Station, Melalathur, Vellore District, Tamil Nadu. The variety CoG 6 possess medium thick, erect greenish yellow coloured non-lodging, non-flowering canes. It possesses the high tillering ability and convert more tillers to millable canes. It is a good ratooner. It has a greenish purple leaf sheath with deciduous spines and loose clasping nature which ensures clean cane at harvest. CoG 6 is moderately resistant to red rot and resistant to smut disease. The variety is resistant to sugarcane woolly aphid and less susceptible to shoot and internode borer. Under normal soil conditions at Station trials, in plant crop the variety recorded a cane yield of 140.56 t/ha and sugar yield of 18.39 t/ha. In ratoon crop, it produced 136.16 t/ha of cane yield and sugar yield of 17.74 t/ha in comparison with the standard check CoG 94077 with cane and sugar yield of 122.67 t/ha of and 15.75 t/ha, respectively. It also surpassed the check in ratoon performance as well. In ART trials conducted during 2012-14 seasons comprising Coimbatore, Tiruchirapalli, Cuddalore and Vellore region, the variety CoG 6 performed well and also recorded a 17.66 per cent increase in cane yield (135.73 t/ha) and 19.07 per cent increase in sugar yield (17.75 t/ha) over the check Co 86032 with 115.36 t/ha cane yield and 14.91 t/ha CCS yield. In the On Farm Trials conducted at salt affected areas in Vellore district during 2014-16 crop seasons, the variety CoG 6 recorded the highest cane yield of 131.74 t/ha and CCS per cent of 13.04 in plant crop which showed an increase of 33.09 and 39.22 per cent over the checks Co 86032 (98.98 t/ha) and CoG 94077 (94.63 t/ha), respectively. In the ratoon crop also the variety CoG 6 recorded a maximum cane yield of 120.21 t/ha and sugar yield of 15.64 t/ha. It recorded an increase of 31.12 and 34.40 per cent for cane yield and 32.99 and 36.71 per cent increase for sugar yield over the checks Co 86032 and CoG 94077, respectively. The sugarcane variety CoG 6 possess superior jaggery qualities viz., juice recovery (64.5%), juice purity (90.98%) and jaggery recovery (11%) and recorded a higher jaggery yield of 14.49 t/ha which is 41.50, 49.38 and 46.66 per cent higher than the checks Co 86032 (10.24 t/ha), CoG 94077 (9.70 t/ha) and salt tolerant variety CoG 95076 (9.88 t/ha), respectively.

Key words: Sugarcane, CoG 6, salt affected soils, quality jaggery.

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