CoPb 14185: A midlate sugarcane variety for North West Zone of India

  • Vikrant Singh,
  • Kuldeep Singh,
  • R. S. Singh,
  • Rajinder Pal,
  • Anuradha and Rajinder Kumar


CoPb 14185 is a mid-late maturing sugarcane clone, selected from the polycross (PC) population of CoS 8436, at PAU Regional Research Station, Faridkot during 2008-09. CoPb 14185 was evaluated under AICRP(S) at nine locations in the North West Zone (NWZ) of India with two plant crops and one ratoon (2P+1R) during 2017-20. CCS (Commercial Cane Sugar) yield of CoPb 14185 in North West Zone (NWZ) was 11.58 t/ha with 11.10 and 3.86 per cent improvement than the best standard, Co 05011 and qualifying variety, CoS 14233, respectively. TheĀ  cane yield of CoPb 14185 was 88.99 t/ha with 7.07 and 1.73 per cent higher than the best standard and qualifying variety, respectively. Pol% in cane of CoPb 14185 was 14.27, which was on par to the standards and qualifying variety. CoPb 14185, ranked first with 18.50% sucrose content (2P+1R), was observed more tolerant to prevalent diseases and insect-pests. It has erect medium thick whitish yellow green cylindrical cane (i.e. ~ 210.50 cm length, ~2.44 cm diameter), with pentagonal bud, curved leaf canopy, purple dewlap, incipient auricle and deltoid ligule. CoPb 14185 has been identified and released as a best mid-late variety through the Central Variety Release Committee (CVRC) for realizing higher cane yield and sugar recovery in NWZ of India.

Keyword: AICRP(S), CoPb 14185 (CoPb 98), CCS yield, CVRC, Sugarcane

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Singh, V., Singh, K., Singh, R. S., Pal, R., & Rajinder Kumar, A. and. (2022). CoPb 14185: A midlate sugarcane variety for North West Zone of India. Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding, 13(2), 754-763. Retrieved from
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