Assessment of heterotic potential of indica rice hybrids derived from KMR 3/O. rufipogon introgression lines as restorers

  • K. B. Kemparaju, G. Haritha, B. Divya, B. C. Viraktamath, V. Ravindrababu and N. Sarla
Keywords: Heterosis, Introgression line, Rice hybrid, Parental line, Wild rice


Present investigation was carried out to assess the heterotic yield potential of 162 indica rice hybrids derived from twenty six KMR3/O. rufipogon introgression lines (ILs) and six cytoplasmic male sterile (CMS) lines. The derived hybrids and testers were phenotyped for days to 50% flowering, plant height, number of productive tillers and yield per plant. The performance of hybrids was estimated based on standard heterosis over the hybrid check KRH2 along with analysis of variance for combining ability. Among these 3 lines and 20 testers were identified as good general combiners and significantly contributed to yield per plant. Nine out of 162 hybrids viz., IR58025A x IL458, IR58025A x IL467, IR58025A x IL473, DRR9A x IL106, DRR9A x IL109, DRR9A x IL117, DRR9A x IL410, DRR9A x IL478 and IR68897A x IL410 showed significantly high specific combining ability (SCA) and standard heterosis over KRH2. These hybrids are recommended for large scale field evaluation for yield.

Research Article